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Advantages & Aspects of Ryfts

Flexible odds

We offer all players a generous degree of control over the odds they want to play against.

Instant payouts

All winnings are guaranteed to be paid out in ETH instantly after the game. Payments are also tax-free.

Automatic rewards

We value our frequent players, that's why we offer them a ranking mechanism through which they can get numerous free rolls.

Privacy guaranteed

Public verifiability is not required for the functioning of the system. You can stay anonymous.


There is no one in control of the database. You can play from anywhere too.


Anyone can verify the correctness of the state of the system (bets and winnings). All code is publicly accessible.


You are always in control of your funds. They can't be counterfeited by any party since no one owns the database.

Our mission

We want to build a decentralized raffle platform where:

Anyone from anywhere can always play.

Games provide the players with their desired odds.

Refreshing and fun game models are offered.

The house can be trusted by using cutting edge technology.

We believe that centralized gambling systems are a thing of the past and we are one of the pioneers in a new wave

Token Sale

Contribution Tracker

-.-- ETH

-.-- RFT

At the end of the token sale, the remaining unsold tokens will be burned.


Our ICO Has Finished

12:00 UTC FEB 08 2018

Total amount raised:

-.-- ETH

-.-- BTC

The remaining unsold tokens were burned.

Thank you for your subscription!

At the end of the token sale, the remaining unsold tokens will be burned.

Token utility & distribution

Token Specs

Token name


Token price

0.50 USD

Total supply


Available in sale


Rewards for investors

4 types of premium memberships which offer weekly free rolls.

Reward for top 10 investors

Lifetime platinum membership which offers weekly free rolls and no fees.

Token distribution

    Raised Funds Distribution

      *For backing up payouts in ETH and granting investors rewards



      Stage 0

      August 2017

      Idea creation + Concept development


      Stage 1

      February 2018

      Whitepaper formalization + Landing page launch


      Stage 2

      October 2018

      Initial Coin Offering (ICO)


      Stage 3

      Q1 2019

      Building and stabilizing the platform


      Stage 4

      Q2 2019

      Further development + Wide scale marketing


      Stage 5

      Q4 2019

      Ryfts platform launch

      Meet the Ryfts Team

      Hossam Tlass


      Belma Gutlic


      Toyohiko Furukawa

      Chief Architect

      Masato Ozaki


      Yoshohito Aoki

      Blockchain & DApp Developer

      Samar Haddad

      Graphic Designer

      Guillermo Siles

      Frontend developer

      Anna Krol

      Marketing Manager

      Katherin Yarza


      Partners and associates


      Blockchain Development Agency


      Crowdfunding Marketing Agency


      Smart contracts audit


      What is Ryfts?

      Ryts is a decentralized raffle platform based on Ethereum smart contracts. It uses and incorporates the cutting edge benefits and features of smart contracts, blockchain technology and random number generation to provide an honest and totally transparent gambling experience to all people across the world.

      What is the idea behind the project?

      Ryfts first goal is to build a decentralized raffle game that can be fully trusted and can run independently without any house involvement. We plan to give real odds to players and not just a promise of big rewards. Also, we believe that blockchain is a game changer for gambling industry and that no player should continue playing old, rigged, systems. That’s why we plan to target

      How is Ryfts different from the alternatives

      Ryfts differs from conventional lottery systems by implementing a variety of refreshing and convenient game models opposed to only one fixed model that’s used by traditional lotteries. In this way, it provides the players with unmatched flexibility in choosing and knowing how much they want to bet, how many players they’re going to compete against and for how long they’re going to wait for the delivery of the prizes while keeping it all as simple, transparent and accessible as possible. Currently there is no real raffle built upon blockchain, only the lottery systems that are not really decentralized. We plan to build a game that is simple to use and most importantly with eye catching graphics and animation that will attract even broader audience.

      What is the utility of the RFT tokens?

      RFT token serves as a ticket purchasing medium to participate in raffle draws. It also serves as an accumulative mean for rewarding certain RFT token holders with special privileges represented in holding premium accounts and participating in weekly free draws.

      What is the house edge?

      Our house-edge is an extreme low 1%.

      How payouts work?

      One of the important advantages offered by the use of smart contracts in a lottery is that the payouts, as well as all draws, are made by the contract itself, i.e. automatically and without the intervention of third parties, including Ryfts developers. By purchasing a ticket, players can be fully confident that the draw is 100% fair and transparent, and, if they win, they will immediately get all the prizes in their cryptocurrency wallet, which was linked when the game account was created, and nobody will be able to prevent it.

      When will RFT token be available on the exchanges?

      We can’t disclose this information yet since we are still negotiating with couple of exchanges.

      What kind of token is RFT?

      It is ERC-20 standard built on Ethereum blockchain.

      How many RFT tokens will be issued during token sale?

      Totally there is 33 mil. of tokens issued and 30 mil. will go to token sale during ICO and pre-ICO period. 20% of total token sale (6 mil. tokens) will go through the pre-ICO phase.

      What is the minimum and maximum participation stake?

      There is no minimum and maximum participation stake for the ICO or the pre-ICO.

      Are there any bonuses?

      Yes. More details about it soon.

      How can I participate in the the ICO?

      1. First, you must prepare a ERC-20 token compatible wallet (i.e. MyEtherWallet, Mist) with enough ETH in it to participate. We recommend you to use: https://www.myetherwallet.com 2. Decide on the amount of ETH or BTC you would like to transfer. 3. a) If you are using BTC as payment, please take address only from our website https://ryfts.io . You should insert your ETH wallet address (used to send bought RFT tokens) to get BTC address generated. Each ETH address get one unique BTC address. b) If you are using ETH as payment, just use your wallet to send the desired amount to our ICO smart contract address. 4. After your contribution is successfully transferred, our smart contract will send the corresponding amount of RFT tokens to your wallet.

      Do you have any bounty campaign?

      Yes, please check out bitcointalk thread. More details about it soon.

      Contact us